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Return Policy

At Kahn's we want to enure that all customers are satisfied with the purchase of their favorite adult beverages. We do offer returns in some cases, but not all. In all cases, you must have a receipt. 

Wine is Corked/Tainted/Bad

If a wine is corked, tainted, or bad - Please bring the bottle back into the store with the wine still in it. We would like to taste the wine and confirm that the wine is bad so we can tell our suppliers. This would help determine if a batch was bad or something happened in transportation. You MUST have a receipt with the bottle. We will offer a 100% refund within 6 months of the Receipt Date. 


We do not offer returns on Liquor or Beer. By law, we cannot return these items at the store once they leave the store, as we cannot be sure what has been done to the bottle in terms of it's security/quality. If you find your product to be flawed, please bring the bottle in question back to the store so we may inspect its contents. If found bad, we will offer a 100% refund within 6 months of Receipt Date. 

In Extereme Cases, management can make a decision on returns.





Hi! This is our new website from Kahn's Fine Wines & Spirits. Since we are still working through potential inventory bugs/kinks, we ask you to be patient with us while we get everything sorted and organized for you. You'll notice that a lot of our spirits and wine images may look like old bottling styles. We do not have those products and are working to get the correct images ASAP. There are also products that are mis-labeled and we are working to get those fixed as well. Unless your order is confirmed, it will be considered pending. We thank you for understanding :)

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